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We are a small family owned and operated company who carefully hand craft the most exquisite medicinal herbal oil extracts, specializing in CBD/CBG/CBN based products infused with other highly beneficial, organic, medicinal herb extracts.  We make the REAL full spectrum and broad spectrum, distilled oils, that make a REAL difference for people and pets!  We extract our organic hemp flower using only precise, short path, heat distillation techniques.  This ensures the purest full spectrum and broad spectrum products, free of plant metabolites, chlorophyll, and other undesirables.  The final distillates are then blended with a precise amount of other organic oils, and organic herbal extracts, before being lab tested.


The vast majority of CBD companies out there are simply taking CBD molecule powder (isolate) and blending it into their products.  These are inferior products because they do not provide the synergistic entourage effect nature intended.  Always look to see if a product was made from isolate powder (not good in our opinion) or made from full spectrum distillates (very good in our opinion). Also, please always be aware of the total milligrams of CBD in your product, to make sure you are not getting swindled.  You should never pay more than $40 for every 1,000 mg of CBD in our opinion, no matter how fancy their marketing is.

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